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As a young boy I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up and that was middle linebacker for The NY Giants. As I reached my early teens standing at the imposing height of 5'9" and weighing in at an impressive 125 pounds I was smart enough to realize a career change was probably in order (my doctor at the time also suggested that I start drinking milk).

In my late teens I decided on being a pop jazz guitarist. I proceeded to follow that course in life until my early 30's, when I tired of traveling and wanted a stable home life.

By then I had worked for numerous name acts, including popular jazz artists Ronnie Laws and Randy Crawford. I had also acquired an equal love for composing.  I was good enough that I could stay home and often not venture outside if I desired much to the dismay of my active dog Score.  I am howerever an animal lover so he did "often" receive his daily excursions. Anyway for many years I composed numerous TV/Movies/jingles and other media music and I planned to keep it as my sole profession. One day my old friend, keyboardist and all around good guy, John Balbuena called. He wanted to start a "groove jazz" band. The band was to be only about enjoyment, money thankfully was not a consideration. I went kicking and screaming into the first rehearsal, but promised him I would give it a shot. Something started happening in our early rehearsals and my fire to play jazz was rekindled.

Craig Sharmat and Rick BraunAs luck or fate would have it, my neighbor and good buddy is acclaimed jazz trumpet player Rick Braun.  He watched from the sidelines occasionally sitting in with the new band now called "Comfort Zone."  When I approached Rick with the idea I was ready to record he took the bull by the horns, got Bud Harner involved and launched my career as a solo artist.  The material on my first album "So Cal Drivin" album is a mixture of my old and new tunes along with some of my Comfort Zone material. My 2nd album "Outside In" was released early January 2011 on Innervision Records. It has been a satisfying journey putting on the artist hat for a change, and I hope you find this music as enjoyable to listen to as it was to make.

Craig Sharmat

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Bleu Horizons

Is my most successful album to date. It contains 3 top 15 hits from Billboard Magazine including "A Day in Paris" which went to #5 and #3 on "The Smooth Jazz Top 20" and Agua Do Brasil which is my first #1 charting single in Billboard. As of this writing it is spending it's eleventh month on a Billboard chart. Jazziz bestowed "Bleu Horizon's" a Top 10 album rating for 2013..

I started this album with the song A Day In Paris . I had not heard a "groove jazz" single use a traditional Gypsy Jazz combo and thought while being a novel idea it might fit the "Contemporary Jazz" format. As I watched the song race up the charts (#5 Billboard Magazine, #3 Smooth Jazz Top 20) I worked on the concept for the full album. In the day of the down loadable single I decided on going against the flow and create a concept album. In doing so I decided on having an audio international travelogue with a contemporary jazz flair. I wanted this to be a vehicle for my guitar playing, composing and arranging skills. It is also meant  to sound fun and loose, I did not wish to be bound by traditional approaches. There are five very short vignettes dispersed throughout the album introducing some of the locations this album journeys to. These are available on the the full album only. The main players on this album are...

Rick Braun

Rayford Griffin

Peter White

Greg Manning

Luis Conte

Mark Hollingsworth
Farzin Farhadi

Benedikt Breyden
Dan Lutz
Steve Billman
Hussain Jiffry


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"Outside In" is my 2nd album and featured the hits "Nite Moves"
and "Ease Up" whch landed nationally at no.2 on Billboards Contemporary Jazz chart.

Craig's second album Outside In exposes his great potential as composer and jazz guitarist. The future will tell us which direction this artist will select. In any case an enormous inspiration for the smooth jazz world.

Hans-Bernd Hülsmann
Smooth Jazz Daily



Outside In
$14.00 plus $2.50 shipping



"So Cal Drivin". Album was released in Oct 2009. The single of the same name spent 17 weeks on Billboards top 30 SJ Indicator chart.




So Cal Drivin
$14.00 plus $2.50 shipping




"One magnificent introduction to an artist who shows here that working behind the scenes in such a prolific fashion and providing such quality productions and compositions might be fun and rewarding in their own right, but some lights just need to shine on their own when it's time. Craig Sharmat shows here why, for him, it's that time." -- Ronald Jackson The Smooth Ride

"Sharmat's affinity for gentle ballades finds its echo in the songs Perfect Life and Dad. Dad features Craig on acoustic guitar supported by a wonderful orchestral arrangement. With this heartfelt melody he articulates the great love to his father and closes the album with his own emotional approach."  -Hans Bernd Hulsmann-Smooth Jazz Daily

P E T E R * B O E H I

Craig Sharmat - So Cal Drivin (2009)
"Funky, upbeat, groovy, cool and hip smooth jazz album by guitarist Craig Sharmat which is not just suitable for cruising in LA - guests include Rick Braun, Greg Mathieson, Philippe Saisse, Andy Suzuki and others. A gem!"




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